Customer support center

Xplornet has 24 hour support - 7 days a week.
The toll free contact nuber is: 1-866-841-6001

Self Help Option:

1 - Before calling for support, please reset your internet by shutting down the power to the internet and router if you have one, allow the system 2-4 minutes to reset and then try once again.

2 - If still not working then power down internet again, remove the connection to the router and connect direct to a personal computer, then power on the internet and computer, wait once again 2-4 minutes, try internet connection again.

3 - Issues to watch for on Satellite, there is 4 lights usually active on the modem (not the router), top light indicates power - if on then this is good. If the 2nd and 3rd light are on or flashing, this is also good. If third light does not come on then phone for support.

4- If the 4th light is not on but other three lights are on, then you have a router or computer failure, call our office in Athabasca and report this error to our computer tech. 780-675-4959 EXT #1.