Joined as a dealer with Barret Xplore Canada using Canopy fixed wireless and Telesat satellite internet connections.


Current fixed wireless system in Athabasca and Fort McMurray will be upgraded to LTE connections with speeds upto 25mbps and 250gb of bandwidth per month.

DataWest has begun our own Internet Phone Service - we are live this December 2015
Nationwide and mainland USA for only $29.95 per month - 2000 minutes!


Fixed wireless tower in Athabasca upgraded from Canopy unlicensed equipment to 3.5ghz Expediance due to interference issues from other ISP's in the area.

Added two more towers in Athabasca to expand coverage to Baptiste Lake and Boyle.


Xplornet will be announcing more capacity for Satellite - watch for details.


In 2013, Xplornet adds WIMAX 4G connection to Athabasca main tower to add capacity and speeds upto 10mbps.

Xplornet in partnership with VIASAT begins broadcasting internet with 4th generation satellite with speeds upto 10mbps.